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As a performer:

As an instrumentalist –

Garret Schmittling has carved out a unique place as a guitarist. Performing extensively as a solo guitarist, a part of both small and large ensembles, and also performing a very eclectic variety of music. A favorite in wedding entertainment circles, Garret completely caters to the setting, be it sacred or secular, inside or outside, large or small. His repertoire is extensive and varied and because of it, couples find it easy to customize their wedding ceremonies, cocktail hours and receptions. If you’re looking for a selection that isn’t listed, Garret will learn it for you. His ability to arrange and perform every style of music makes it easy to request even the most unique of song ideas.

Garret has an extensive family of musicians to meet all needs for those looking for different soundscapes. From an acoustic duo to a jazz trio to even a rock quartet, all are available to accommodate each events specific needs.

With the highest standard of professionalism Garret works closely with his clients to ensure they have the best experience possible and the highest quality music for their event.

As a “one man band” –

Garret Schmittling has created a unique way of performing, by incorporating effects as a separate instrument along with his guitar and voice. He has a variety of effects that he performs live and “loops” (record there on the spot) in order to achieve a full and rich sound without having to use prerecorded tracks.

Garret’s song selections are eclectic, spanning a variety of styles and eras that appeals to every age and venue. He ensures to provide a professional attitude, high quality equipment and, of course, excellent music.

As a sideman:

Along with his solo endeavors, Garret is flexible to work within a group context. If you are looking for a guitarist to fill in for performance dates or recording sessions, whether it be an original project cutting an album, a top 40 cover band playing a night club, or even a jazz combo at a restaurant, he has the experience to bring a special flare to match the occasion.

He takes pride in not just playing the song but adding to the soundscape provided. He will listen and mold his parts to fit around the other players.  His goal is to enhance the overall live or recorded experience.

Garret is reliable, prepared and has a professional attitude. He also has high quality equipment necessary to fill most venue’s needs.

As an educator:

Along with his performance capabilities, Garret has been teaching guitar since 2005 and has successfully taught many students from a wide variety of backgrounds. Not only is he able to play many styles he is also able to teach them. From rock to country, fingerstyle to blues, jazz to pop, he prepares lessons specified for each individuals needs and goals.

He takes the time to make sure each player gets what they desire from the lesson, clearly states what he expects from them and acutely explains the route they will be taking. Some wish to play popular songs around a campfire and others wish to grow in specific areas. Not everyone has the same goal and there is no teaching method that is a one size fits all.

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