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Mike Carey Student Corner

Hey there! Here you can find pdf’s of the sheets I hand out to you in our lessons, regardless of the instrument and even the Theory Worksheets and Answers that are only available here (“Theory Sheet” and “Theory Notes” are found under “Other” section). If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me by e-mail: or Phone/Text: (313) 759-9009.

Theory Worksheets

Building Triads #1
Building Triads #2
Chords As Numbers
Chords As Numbers – Transposing
Chords As Numbers – NonDiatonic
Chords As Numbers – Modulating
Building 7th Chords
Naming Chords #1
Naming Chords #2
Finding The Key
Relative Major/Minor

Theory Worksheet – Answers

Building Triads #1 – Answers
Building Triads #2 – Answers
Chords As Numbers – Answers
Chords As Numbers – Transposing – Answers
Chords As Numbers – NonDiatonic – Answers
Chords As Numbers – Modulating – Answers
Building 7th Chords – Answers
Naming Chords #1 – Answers
Naming Chords #2 – Answers
Finding the Key – Answers
Relative Major/Minor – Answers


Blank Bass/Uke Tab
Blank Bass/Uke Chord-Scale Chart
Blank Guitar Chord/Scale Charts – Big
Blank Guitar Chord/Scale Charts – Smaller
Blank Guitar Neck
Blank Guitar Tab – Big
Blank Guitar Tab – Smaller
Blank Piano Picture – 2 Octaves
Blank Piano Staff

Blank Treble Clef

Guitar Chords/Arpeggios

7th Chords
7th Chord Arpeggios
CAGED Arpeggio Shapes
CAGED Chord Shapes
Capo Usage
Chords | For Kids
Extended Chords
Major 7 Inversions
Octave Patterns & Power Chords
Slash Chords (Inversions)

Guitar Scales

1-3 1-3 Slide Scale
CAGED Scale Shapes
Open Scales
Pentatonics & Modes


Advanced Chord Progressions
Chord Progressions
Finger Picking Patterns
Strumming | For Kids
Theory Notes